Knative Tutorial

This tutorial will show how to do Eventing with Apache Camel and Knative using the Camel-k framework, one or more of the following Enterprise Integration Patterns(EIP) or concepts will be used in this chapter’s exercises.


As pre-requisite to this tutorial, its highly recommended that you have completed Knative Tutorial Basics completed.

What is Camel-k ?

Apache Camel K (a.k.a. Kamel) is a lightweight integration framework built from Apache Camel that runs natively on Kubernetes and is specifically designed for serverless and microservice architectures.

Camel-K and Knative Serving

With camel-k we can deploy Apache Camel Routes as Knative Serving services i.e. the Apache Camel routes will then be auto scalable with the ability to automatically scale down to zero when not needed.

Camel-K and Knative Eventing

With camel-k we can also exchange Knative Eventing events via Apache Camel endpoints;where the exchange messages (event payloads) are automatically transformed into Cloud Events format and exchanged with other consumers.