Knative Tutorial

How to access the Knative services ?

When looking up the IP address to use for accessing your app, you need to look up the NodePort for the istio-ingressgateway as well as the IP address used for minikube. You can use the following command to look up the value to use for the {IP_ADDRESS} placeholder used in the sample

# In Knative 0.2.x and prior versions, the `knative-ingressgateway` service was used instead of `istio-ingressgateway`.

# The use of `knative-ingressgateway` is deprecated in Knative v0.3.x.
# Use `istio-ingressgateway` instead.
if kubectl get configmap config-istio -n knative-serving &> /dev/null; then

IP_ADDRESS="$(minikube ip):$(kubectl get svc $INGRESSGATEWAY --namespace istio-system --output 'jsonpath={.spec.ports[?(@.port==80)].nodePort}')"

# calling a knative service named greeter
curl -H "" $IP_ADDRESS

What is a "revision" in simpler terms?

A Revision is an immutable snapshot of code and configuration. Each change to an application’s Configuration creates a new Revision, which allows an application to be rolled back to any previous “known good configuration”.